FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What is your blog about?

This blog was made to showcase my writing. My initial intent was to share my stories and poetry. However, as I connected with others in the writing community via twitter, I soon realized others want to read about the day in the life of a writer such as what they do outside of their writing. They also were in need of writing tips. Therefore, I made a page dedicated to my random thoughts and writing advice for other creatives.

How often should readers expect content?

I wanted to aim for publishing a post everyday. However, life has gotten busy and I have other responsibilities. Now I try to release content at least 2x a week and if not, I post when I can. I will try to get back to a normal routine again.

How can we subscribe to your blog?

You can enter your email below to receive exclusive content and receive notifications every time I post. Thank you in advance for following me on my writing journey!

Do you offer any writing services?

I do, you’re in luck! I offer resume and cover letter writing services. Are you in need of assistance landing your next dream job? Let me help! I have a plethora of experience writing resumes with cover letters included for friends and family. If you are interested or would like to see some of my previous work, feel free to email me: msdakotawrites@gmail.com.

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