Consistency Is Key To See Results

Hi, friends! I dropped off the face of the Earth for a while. But, I’m back! The last post I published was on January 16th. It has been a few months. I had the time to write, but in all honesty, I needed to step away from it for a little while. I did not have much to say. Social media was draining me and giving me anxiety. Therefore, I needed a cleanse of it. That meant no instagram, deactivating twitter, and barely using facebook. But, I am back. I missed my blog! I am ready to get back to it.

This post will be about something that I have struggled with for several years, consistency. I know it sounds cliche that consistency is key, but that really is true. Whatever you do in life you need to remain consistent in order to see results. For instance, with school or your career, the gym, your writing, they all require consistency. Results will not happen unless you put in the work.

The reason why I have struggled with consistency is because I often compare myself, my progress, and my journey to others. You know the saying, “The grass is not always greener on the other side,” yeah well, I am going to reference that right now. It is human nature to look at others and compare. What you see is not always the truth, however. In my case, I always wonder, “Why can’t that happen to me?” or “How come that is taking so long for me?” The answer is consistency. I have never remained with anything long enough to see the results. An example would be when I made my blog. My family was supportive of me writing again because they know this is something I have been passionate about since I was a young girl. Writing is a difficult profession. I write for my enjoyment. However, it would be pretty awesome to be recognized on social media by other well-known writers, etc. Who wouldn’t want that? I remember my brother said the following to me one day, “Now when you make your blog you have to remain consistent. Do not get flustered if things do not go your way or you do not grow your following as quickly as you had hoped.” What he said was very true. When you are growing a following it will take time.

Aside from writing, fitness is another major component of my life. I have always been an athletic person ever since I could hold a ball. My dad always played football and baseball with me out in the front yard. I have been doing martial arts since the age of four. I played softball in high school. Okay, you get the point! I recently started going back to the gym regularly. Instagram is the death of me. I look at so many fitness influencers on that app and to be quite honest, I get jealous. I ask myself, “How come I can’t look like that?” You must already know what I am going to say next. The answer? C O N S I S T E N C Y. I have gone through periods of extreme motivation where I would hit the gym every single day. I was taking care of myself. Eating right, staying hydrated, taking vitamins/supplements, etc. However, those moments would fade away. I would go back to just sitting on the couch eating cookies or ice cream. Don’t get me wrong. We ALL deserve time off. It is okay to go through periods of not wanting to do much. It happens to the best of us. But, it is important how you get back into a routine. I always do my best work when I have structure and follow a routine daily. When I don’t have a routine, I find myself going off track.

Now life is a rollercoaster. We all have busy lives and many responsibilities that might take precendence over our own health. However, health is wealth. Your health and wellness should come first. How can you expect to do all those things you need to do if you are not healthy? Start small. Make a schedule. Find time to do what you enjoy.

The break from social media really helped me to get back on track. I had more time to do other things I never gave the time of day because I was always wasting time scrolling through social media. I follow this fitness guru on instagram for motivation. My mindset has changed. Rather than saying, how come I cannot look like her, I changed my thought process to, that can be me if I put in the work. I never saw the results I wanted because I would always give up after a few months.

I am in my mid-20s now and everyone around me seems to have different goals at the moment. I have friends who are already settling down, getting engaged, and having children. I have other friends who are more focused on their career. I am here for it. We all have different journeys. Our pace of how quickly we accomplish things should not be compared to those around us. In fact, if you have people in your circle who do not support your accomplishments no matter the timeline, those are probably people you should not associate with. I have a friend of mine who will be getting married soon. I’m happy for her. She has been through several unhealthy relationships and now she has found someone who treats her like a queen. I have another close friend of mine who does not care to date right now, but travel the world as often as she can. She wants to live her life before she gets involved with someone else. My male friend is trying to grow his social media following for his youtube channel. I support every single one of them.

I can relate to my friend who is focused more on her health, happiness, and peace. That is the point I am at in my life. I am contemplating switching careers. I am trying to buy a house. I am single and enjoying my life with my pup. I do not wish to associate with those who drain my energy. This is what I tell myself now, “If you do not give me what I put out, if you just drain my energy, you cannot be a part of my life.” That applies to family members, friends, work colleagues, etc. I have dealt with so much negativity over the years and I think that played a role in my consistency for things. No wonder I did not have the energy or motivation to keep working. I was associating with negative individuals who genuinely did not want the best for me. It is sad to admit, but people will clap for you when you are paying attention, but will wish you bad behind closed doors. Now that I am back on social media, I have changed my mindset. I will only add/follow motivated and positive individuals who I can look up to. It’s like the other saying, “You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.” I am very selective with who I allow in my circle. My mental health and peace are so very important to me.

My life has taken a completely different route than I thought it would. When I was a teen, I always thought I would be engaged, working towards a marriage, living in a nice home with my first child on the way at this age. That is not at all what happened. I am grateful for how things have transpired as of late. I was in a relationship I thought would last a long time as we were engaged. However, we both became complacent. There was no spark anymore. We did not put forth the effort to keep things going. The relationship became dull and boring. We outgrew each other and that is okay. I am happy it happened sooner than later. I would not have wanted to learn this information after I already invested in a wedding. I will always care for this person as a friend, but we were so incompatible. Consistency is essential in relationships too.

All of this comes full circle. Going back to this idea of consistency, I cannot stress this enough that it is needed for all aspects of our life. For school, work, the gym, being a parent, saving for a house, relationships, training your new puppy, growing a social media following, the list goes on. As for the point of comparing my journey to that of others, I have changed my mindset completely. Rather than comparing myself to them, I tell myself that with hard work and dedication, I can get there too. If you surround yourself with like minded people with similar goals you can use that as a means of healthy motivation. You can work together towards the same goals.

I know this is all easier said than done and I still struggle with consistency. But, I think the solution to that is reminding yourself what you’re working towards and how badly you want it.

Thank you for stopping by, friends! Until next time. Feel free to comment your thoughts below and share your experiences. I would love to hear.

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Ms. Dakota, is a current graduate student and soon to be elementary education teacher. She is a multi-genre writer who explores the world of creative non-fiction, poetry, and fiction. You can find her on twitter: @msdakotawrites.

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