Overcoming Writer’s Block 10 Different Ways

I was once told by a professor in college that, “It is easy for us as writers to try and edit while we write instead of just writing. Sometimes we doubt ourselves with what we write, but some of your best content could come from just free writing. Write until you hit that wall.”

‘Write until you hit that wall,’ is what I remember most from the entirety of that semester. But, this blog post is about how to get past that ‘wall.’

The following 10 strategies are what I usually use when I am experiencing writer’s block.

  • Step away from your laptop. Take a walk. Get some air. Clear your head.
  • COFFEE. Need I say more?
  • READ. Whenever I am not writing, I read. I am always reading about 3 books at once.
  • Listen to music. Sometimes a playlist inspires me.
  • Talking to family and friends. Sometimes my greatest ideas come from random conversations I have with those closest to me.
  • Take a shower or a bubble bath. Sometimes a hot shower helps me.
  • Exercise.
  • Watching TV/Netflix. Being a writer means I observe many things. I can get ideas from watching certain gestures, someone’s body language, or the way a group of people interact with one another.
  • Self-care days. When I take time for myself to rejuvenate and get re-inspired, I take a long shower, wash my face and then moisturize, paint my nails, get a massage, etc. I do not write when I’m stressed. I do my best work when I’m relaxed and can focus 100%.
  • This may sound silly, but sleep works. Taking a nap to give myself a break. Trust me, take a nap especially if you’ve done too much writing in one day. Allow yourself to rest and then get back to work.

As writers, we want to meet deadlines and do as much as we can with the time we have. If you are like me, it is extremely difficult to manage our work along with the other responsibilities life throws our way. I am a full-time graduate student, who is engaged, has 3 dogs, trying to study for my licensure exams to become a teacher, among so many other responsibilities. Stress seems to come easy, but I am trying to work on my time management a bit more.

This was a relatively short post, but these are the ways I usually overcome that hump when I feel like I have run out of ideas and can no longer write. You would be surprised with what you could come up with when you give yourself a break. Step away from that computer. Do not pressure yourself so much to get the writing done all in one shot.

I would love to know how you all overcome writer’s block!

As always, if you use any of these tips, feel free to share with me by commenting below, email me: msdakotawrites@gmail.com, or tweet me @msdakotawrites on twitter.

Until next time,

Dakota 🙂

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

One thought on “Overcoming Writer’s Block 10 Different Ways

  1. Sophie Harriet

    This is a really helpful post. Sometimes I just don’t feel inspired to write anything, but I find that the hardest part is getting started! I just tell myself to write something, no matter how short or poor quality, and usually, the ideas start to flow and I end up writing for much longer.

    Liked by 1 person

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