A Fighting Chance

She has struggled to breathe.

Suffocating, choking on air.

Beating herself up for so long.

Her body has weathered the storm that has hovered over her for the past few years.

She has pushed people away to save them the heartache of stepping into her world.

She is still learning how to love and forgive herself.

What has happened to me and how can I get back to what I once was, she asks herself.

Or should I continue down this path?

Is it leading me to something greater?

She sits and examines herself. She is drained.

She often looks at the destination as the goal and forgets to realize that the journey is more important.

She has tried and failed. Failed again.

The girl she once knew lays in the coffin, in the graveyard, locked away.

There is no bringing her back.

Will you still love her when she exposes you to the inner workings of her mind, the darkest side of her?

You’re getting deeper and deeper.

Can you handle it?

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