Welcome to the blog of Ms. Dakota!

I am a current master’s student, soon to be teacher, and multi-genre writer

who created this blog to finally put some of my unpublished work out into the world.

Do you enjoy reading short stories or poetry? In need of writing tips?

Look no further!

Why Did You Begin Writing?

A look inside my writing journey.

My writing journey began when I was a young girl. I wrote in journals to record my thoughts, hopes, and dreams. I excelled in my writing classes throughout my academic career, which ultimately led me to major in English Lit & creative writing during undergrad.
I made the decision to make this blog in January 2020. My intention when I first started was to release my unpublished work into the world. However, as I connected with other writers and bloggers via twitter, I realized writing tips/advice were needed within the writing community. I now offer writing & blogging tips as well which can be found HERE.

What Genres Do You Write?

Creative Non-Fiction

This genre is my favorite to write. I use my personal experiences and those of my family members to create short stories. I kept a diary as a young girl and I wrote in a journal for most of my childhood. This is how I grew to love this genre.


I recently started writing poetry after I read the majority of the poetry section in Barnes & Noble. My inspiration comes from the following poets: Rupi Kaur, Lang Leav, Atticus, and Courtney Peppernell, to name a few.


I also use the basis of my experiences to create fictional stories. I want to explore this genre a bit more and hopefully, publish a short story anthology. One of my current works in progress is a work of fiction.

What People Say


Dakota is a very talented writer. I’ve always supported her dreams because I know she can do everything and anything she ever puts her mind to. She needs to get recognition for her hard work and that’s what I plan to do. Read her writing and I promise you will understand why it’s important to me for her to succeed. She has passion, talent, heart, and soul. It will be worth every second you spend on her blog. 


You can feel her words and the emotion. You will not be disappointed; that I promise you.


Dakota is intelligent, kind-hearted, and has amazing talent. When it comes to writing, she’s honest and puts her heart and soul into it. I have supported her with many of her dreams. She needs to be recognized for her talent. When you read her writing, you will see how honest, pure, and deep it is which is important.


The way she expresses things, it paints a picture in your mind. I promise it’s worth it. 100% recommend!


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